Call for Papers

Application for poster presentation was closed.

CEMSupra 2016 will provide you a valuable opportunity to present your research in front of the distinguished invited lecturers, RIKEN CEMS researchers and the audience who are interested in the forefront research on supramolecular chemistry and functional materials.

CEMS Rising Star Award will be given to the best poster presentations during the symposium.

You are cordially invited to submit your paper based on the guideline below. If you wish to submit, please prepare your abstract in English and send them via the designated email address no later than November 13, 2016.

Process for Abstract Submission

(1) Finish the Registeration for CEMSupra 2016 from here. Make sure to check "Yes" for the application to the poster presentation at the end.

(2) Download the Abstract Template file from here.

(3) Prepare your abstracts following the guidelines below.

(4) Convert your abstracts into PDF file.

(5) Read the checkpoints before submission.

(6) Submit the PDF file from the link below no later than November 13, 2016.

Abstract Guidelines

The abstract should be submitted as a PDF file.
It should not exceed one A4 (210 x 297 mm) sheet, with the following margins: top 20 mm, bottom 25 mm, left 25 mm and right 25 mm. Use the text fonts of this template. Do not use macros.

[Download Template]

You can download Template of abstract from the URL below.

Download Template


Font size 12 bold and centered. Leave a line after the title.


Font size 10, bold, the presenting author underlined. Leave a line after the authors.


In italic with font size 10 and justified. The e-mail address is optional. Leave two lines after the affiliation.

[Abstract text]

Font size 10, justified with single space between lines. Do not insert page numbers.
The insertion of figures, charts, schemes, etc, should be made as “Picture” and “in line with text”. The figures letter size should be ≥ 8 pt. The caption for the figures should be as follows: Fig. 1- Use font size 9.
Leave a line before and after the table and the figure, respectively. Tables are also preferred to be inserted as a “Picture”.


The references should appear in the text as superscript1,2 and must be placed at the end of the document (font size 10) according to the model below. Do not write the word “references”, and leave a blank line before the first reference.

[Submission Deadline]

24:00 (JST), November 13, 2015

[Before Submission]

Once you write the abstract in Word file, please check the following points before submission.

  • Your abstract is converted into PDF file (1 page).
  • Confirm that your abstract has been approved by all the authors.
  • Use the template form to prepare the abstract and follow the submission instructions.
  • All the authors permit the Organizer to publish conference publications such as abstract book.

[After submission]

To revise your submission:
If you wish to revise an already submitted paper, please send your revised abstract via the email address appointed. You need to change the name of the file and add the date you submit to notify which file is new one, for example, (Title)-rev.1031.pdf.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

The poster session is scheduled from 17:30 on January 13th. The presenting authors are required to stay around their posters during the designated time. All posters will be displayed on January 13th.

Posters will be displayed in the Multi-purpose room on the B2 floor of the Ito Hall. Each poster board is identified by a number corresponding to the list in the Abstract. Size of poster board is 90 cm wide by 210 cm high Portrait style. Please mount your poster on January 13th on your arrival. For mounting, please use materials available at the venue. Posters must be removed by 20:15 on January 13th. The organizer will remove posters left at the venue and they shall not be returned.

Poster Prize

The organizers of the symposium are delighted to awarding "CEMS Rising Satar Award" for the best and most interesting posters. All the poster presenters will be nominated as candidates of the Poster Prize. The award will be presented in the Closing Remarks on January 14.

CEMSupra 2016 Privacy Policy

As of September 1, 2015

According to the Japanese Law, we inform you of our privacy policy. We (the secretariat and the organizing committee of CEMSupra 2016) are committed to protecting the personal information of the applicants. Your personal identifiable information (personal information) will be collected only when you make the registration for CEMSupra2016.

Without an applicant's consent, we will not use such information for the purposes other than operating and managing CEMSupra2016, responding to inquiries from applicants, offering the symposium information to the applicants, and sending the information on the future CEMSupra symposium.

In addition to the purposes listed above, personal information may be used or disclosed in the following cases:
1. When required by laws and regulations.
2. When consent has been obtained from the owner of the information.
3. When all or part of the management of the personal information is commissioned to external subcontractors within a required range in order to achieve purposes of CEMSupra2016. The personal information protection standards of potential subcontractors shall be investigated in advance, and only those meeting CEMSupra2016’s criteria shall be selected as subcontractors. Examples of subcontracting include the commissioning of distribution of information on CEMSupra2016.

- Information Management
CEMSupra2016 shall specify and adhere to appropriate personal information management rules in order to prevent any leakage, loss, or interference with registered personal information.

- Changes in the Privacy Policy
CEMSupra2016 may amend or update its Privacy Policy without notice. Such changes shall be posted on the CEMSupra2016 web site and in other publications and shall become effective from the date of such publication.

Contact Information of the Secretariat Office managing the personal information

c/o RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science

If you agree with the privacy policy shown above, please click the button below and submit your abstract to the designated email address.

Abstract Submission Closed

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