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Jan. 19, 2024
Thank you very much for your participation! The symposium was a great success with more than 310 participants and 109 poster presentations. We hope you enjoyed all the great lectures and had a good time.

We have posted some pictures of the symposium here.

Winners of CEMS Rising Star Award in CEMSupra 2024 are:

P07 Kota Mitsumoto (The University of Tokyo)
Elastic heterogeneity governs spatial distribution of adsorbed molecules in a soft porous crystal

P22 Kunyi Leng (The University of Tokyo, RIKEN CEMS)
"Photochemical Surgery" of 1D Metal-Organic Frameworks with a Site-Selective Solubilization/Crystallization Strategy

P33 Tomohiro Nobeyama (Tsukuba University)
Regulation of the Liquid-liquid Phase-Separated Droplets of Biomacromolecules and Enzyme Activity by Butterfly-Shaped Gold Nanomaterials

P65 Sixing Xiong (RIKEN CEMS)
Waterproof and ultraflexible organic photovoltaics


We hope to see you again in the next symposium!
Dec. 21, 2023
Online registration is closed.
Dec. 15, 2023
Program is updated. List of poster presentation is upoladed.
Dec. 12, 2023
Registraion deadline is extended to Dec. 20, 2023.
Dec. 6, 2023
Application for poster presentation was closed.
Sept. 2, 2023
Download PDF file of CEMSupra 2024 poster, print out and post it for your reminder.
Sept. 1, 2023
CEMSupra 2024 website is now open!
List of invited speakers are updated in Program page.
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Dec. 6, 2023
Deadline of abstract submission for poster presentation.
Dec. 20, 2023
Deadline of online registration.


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